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Especialista en Transformación Digital

Profesional de Tecnología
de Transformación Digital

Arquitecto de Tecnología
de Transformación Digital

Profesional de Ciencia de Datos
de Transformación Digital

Científico de Datos
de Transformación Digital

Profesional de Seguridad
de Transformación Digital

Especialista en Seguridad
de Transformación Digital

Profesional de Nube

Profesional de Tecnología de Nube

Arquitecto de Nube

Especialista en Seguridad en la Nube

Especialista en Gobernanza de Nube

Especialista en Almacenamiento
en la Nube

Especialista en Virtualización
en la Nube

Profesional de SOA

Analista de SOA

Arquitecto de SOA

Arquitecto de Microservicios

Consultor de Tecnología de Servicios

Especialista en APIs de Servicios

Especialista en Gobernanza
de Servicios

Especialista en Seguridad de Servicios

Profesional de Big Data

Profesional en Ciencias de Big Data

Científico de Big Data

Consultor de Big Data

Ingeniero en Big Data

Arquitecto de Big Data

Especialista en Gobernanza
de Big Data

Arquitecto de Blockchain

Arquitecto de Contenedorización

Arquitecto de IoT

Especialista en
Aprendizaje Automático

Especialista en Ciberseguridad

Especialista en DevOps

Especialista en Inteligencia Artificial

Profesional Junior
de Ciencias de Big Data

Profesional Junior
de Computación en la Nube

Profesional Junior
de Transformación Digital


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Logo Guidelines

Attaining an Arcitura certification is an accomplishment that enables you to receive recognition as a Certified Professional. If you receive the necessary passing grades for any one certification you will receive permission to use a credential title and a logo that represents that certification with the condition that you agree to the terms and requirements described in the Candidate Agreement and that you agree to adhere to the credential and logo usage guidelines on this page.

A credential is the designation associated with the certification attained. Arcitura Education provides official logos that can be used to express an assignee’s credential(s). An Arcitura logo can only be used for the purpose of indicating the association of a credential with the assignee of the credential. Assignees of credentials will receive access to high-definition versions of logos via their online AITCP account, as well as digital badges issued by Acclaim/Credly.

The assignee of a credential may display a logo in the following ways:

  • A logo may be displayed on a business card, personal Web site, biography text, e-mail signature, or other locations where it is evident that the logo represents a credential that is associated with the assignee of the credential.
  • Arcitura logos cannot be displayed larger than the surrounding name, organization or affiliation of the assignee.
  • Assignees that have obtained more than one credential may optionally display multiple logos together or represent their credentials collectively using a program’s ” Certified Professional” logo. With the latter option, the specific credentials can be displayed in text format to the right of the logo.
  • Arcitura logos may not be incorporated into the design or branding of marketing or published materials without the express written consent of Arcitura Education Inc.
  • Arcitura logos may, in no way, be altered or extended or reproduced in any format other than those made available by Arcitura Education Inc.

If you require a higher resolution version of a logo than what is provided to you in your AITCP account, then send a message to with the requested resolution, along with your title and AITCP ID.

Notice: Arcitura credential(s) and logo(s) may not be used in such a manner that they can be perceived to indicate an affiliation with or endorsement by Arcitura Education Inc. or its schools and programs.