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Arquitectura Orientada
a Servicios (SOA)

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Inteligencia Artificial (IA)

Internet de las Cosas (IoT)


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Transformación Digital

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Especialista en Transformación Digital

Profesional de Tecnología
de Transformación Digital

Arquitecto de Tecnología
de Transformación Digital

Profesional de Ciencia de Datos
de Transformación Digital

Científico de Datos
de Transformación Digital

Profesional de Seguridad
de Transformación Digital

Especialista en Seguridad
de Transformación Digital

Profesional de Nube

Profesional de Tecnología de Nube

Arquitecto de Nube

Especialista en Seguridad en la Nube

Especialista en Gobernanza de Nube

Especialista en Almacenamiento
en la Nube

Especialista en Virtualización
en la Nube

Profesional de SOA

Analista de SOA

Arquitecto de SOA

Arquitecto de Microservicios

Consultor de Tecnología de Servicios

Especialista en APIs de Servicios

Especialista en Gobernanza
de Servicios

Especialista en Seguridad de Servicios

Profesional de Big Data

Profesional en Ciencias de Big Data

Científico de Big Data

Consultor de Big Data

Ingeniero en Big Data

Arquitecto de Big Data

Especialista en Gobernanza
de Big Data

Arquitecto de Blockchain

Arquitecto de Contenedorización

Arquitecto de IoT

Especialista en
Aprendizaje Automático

Especialista en Ciberseguridad

Especialista en DevOps

Especialista en Inteligencia Artificial

Profesional Junior
de Ciencias de Big Data

Profesional Junior
de Computación en la Nube

Profesional Junior
de Transformación Digital


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Private On-site Exam Proctoring

Arcitura-delivered workshops offer the opportunity for Certified Trainers to administer, proctor and grade exams on-site and in-person. This enables training workshop participants to take exams as they progress through the instructor-led courses of a given certification workshop. For each workshop, the Certified Trainer provides a recap of a course prior to exam delivery and can then grade the exam subsequent to exam delivery, allowing workshop participants to receive immediate feedback with each course they complete, prior moving on to subsequent courses. This feedback also assists the Certified Trainer to assess progress and identify knowledge gaps that may require further attention with some participants.

Collected exam results are sent back to Arcitura on a daily basis so that online transcripts can be updated. Those who pass the exams necessary to fulfill accreditation requirements are certified upon completion of a workshop and automatically issued certificates electronically. Official printed certifies are then mailed directly to the participants within days thereafter. If you would like to receive a quote for the delivery of on-site exams as part of your private Arcitura training workshop, please contact

The primary benefit of taking on-site proctored exams is that workshop participants can prepare for the exams together with the assistance of a Certified Trainer. The primary benefit of taking Pearson VUE-proctored exams instead is that individuals have more time to study, and can schedule each exam based on individual scheduling preferences. For testing center locations and exam availability, visit