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de Transformación Digital

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Especialista en Gobernanza
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Especialista en Gobernanza de Nube

Especialista en Gobernanza
de Servicios

Especialista en Inteligencia Artificial

Especialista en Machine Learning

Especialista en RPA

Especialista en Seguridad de Servicios

Especialista en Seguridad
de Transformación Digital

Especialista en Seguridad en la Nube

Especialista en Transformación Digital

Especialista en Virtualización
en la Nube

Ingeniero en Big Data

Profesional de
Automatización Inteligente
de Transformación Digital

Profesional de Big Data

Profesional en Ciencias de Big Data

Profesional de Ciencia de Datos
de Transformación Digital

Profesional de Nube

Profesional de Seguridad
de Transformación Digital

Profesional de SOA

Profesional de Tecnología de Nube

Profesional de Tecnología
de Transformación Digital

Profesional de Tecnología Empresarial



UPDATE: As of February 19, 2020, Arcitura has moved to a new eLearning platform that supports on-line and off-line access of course documents without the need to install any software. This eLearning environment further introduces new features, such as annotations, multi-document viewing and outline-driven navigation. Please see below for further details.

Promotion 1: All eLearning Kits Now $99

In light of the increasing limitations imposed by the COVID-19 outbreak and the financial impact it is having on many individuals and organizations, Arcitura has temporarily dropped the price of all of its eLearning study kits by 50%. Arcitura is furthermore providing complimentary access to its interactive online video courses.

The Arcitura online store has been updated with the new eLearning prices. To purchase eLearning kits at the new price, simply visit the store and choose the kits you would like to purchase. The 50% discount has also been applied to eLearning kit bundles. This means that eLearning kit bundles are still priced with a 20% discount. For example a three-kit eLearning bundle is now priced at $237.60 ($99 X 3 – 20% bundle discount) and a five-kit eLearning bundle is now priced at $396.00 ($99 X 5 – 20%).

Note that this promotion can be combined with other active eLearning promotions. Now’s the time to learn new skills!


Promotion 2: Free eLearning Kit with the Purchase of a Bundle

To celebrate the launch of the newly improved eLearning platform, Arcitura is offering a promotion whereby you can receive a free eLearning study kit with the purchase of any eLearning study kit bundle. To receive your complimentary eLearning study kit, follow these steps:

1. Visit the Online Store and add an eLearning study kit bundle to your cart.

2. Click the Proceed to Checkout button.

3. On the Checkout page, in the Order Notes field, type in the name of the bonus eLearning study kit you would like to receive for free.

4. Complete the order and your bonus study kit will be added to your account automatically.

Use this opportunity to discover new courses and topics relevant to your professional development, while leveraging the many new features of the new Arcitura eLearning environment!

Promotion 3: Upgrade and Extend Your Legacy eLearning Kit with any Purchase 

If you purchased an Arcitura eLearning kit prior to March, 2020 and your subscription is still active, you are likely eligible to have your eLearning kit upgraded to the new Arcitura enhanced eLearning platform with the purchase of any other item in the online store. With this upgrade, your subscription duration will also be extended by one year, at no extra charge. To receive the upgrade and the one-year subscription extension, follow these steps:

1. Visit the Online Store and purchase any item, such as a new eLearning kit or an exam voucher.

2. Contact and provide us with the details of your existing legacy eLearning kit. Be sure to also make reference to the new item you just purchased.

Upon verification, your legacy eLearning kit will be upgraded to the new enhanced Arcitura eLearning platform and your subscription will be extended by one year, at no extra charge.

What Are the New Features?

Arcitura enhanced eLearning study kits now provide on-line and off-line access to official course and exam preparation materials. Arcitura’s newly improved eLearning platform supports the following features:

  • SOFTWARE-FREE SETUP – Users do not need to install any software in order to access the course documents on-line or off-line.
  • ANNOTATIONS – Users can add their own annotations and comments to any of the course documents. This can be helpful for those who would like to mark up course documents for reference and self-study purposes. Custom annotations and comments can be saved for the duration of the subscription period. 
  • OUTLINE-DRIVEN NAVIGATION – A navigation sidebar has been added, allowing users to navigate through a course document via its outline (table of contents), similar to how the navigation bar in MS Word works.
  • CUSTOM BOOKMARKS – Users can create a collection of custom bookmarks within a given course document to further customize their own navigation and reference preferences. Each bookmark can be individually labeled.
  • MULTI-DOCUMENT VIEWING – Users can view two course documents side-by-side. This can be helpful for cross-checking or cross-referencing content across documents within a eLearning kit or across documents from different eLearning kits.
  • FULL-TEXT SEARCHING – Users can perform full-text searches in individual course documents. A sidebar will show all search results together so that it is easy to jump to different parts of the document relevant to the search criteria.

What’s Inside an eLearning Study Kit?

Within each eLearning study kit, base digital course materials are further supplemented with self-study resources, such as flash cards, posters, exam preparation guides and media content, including audio tutor recordings from Certified Arcitura Trainers. eLearning study enables IT professionals to progress through and reference course materials and supplements in a highly flexible manner, at just about any location and at a study schedule adaptable to their preferences and convenience.

eLearning Kits vs. Printed Kits

eLearning study kits provide a paperless alternative to the printed study kits that are also available for course modules in all schools and curricula. The following is a comparison of eLearning and printed study kits:

  • eLearning study kits provide on-line and off-line access to course materials, whereas printed study kits provide full-color printed course materials. Some fundamental eLearning study kits further include an online video version of the course module with interactive exercises.
  • For courses that introduce supplemental reading exercises, printed study kits usually include the associated text book(s), whereas with eLearning study kits these text books are offered as optional add-ons.
  • Both eLearning study kits and printed study kits can be purchased as part of specific bundles that offer sets of kits at a 20% bundle discount.
  • For each printed study kit, the corresponding eLearning study kit can be purchased at a significant discount, as an add-on.
  • For each printed study kit bundle, the corresponding eLearning study kit bundle can be purchased at a significant discount, as an add-on.
  • eLearning study kits are purchased as on-line subscriptions. The duration of all eLearning study kit subscriptions is one year (12 months).
  • Printed study kits may be subject to shipping and customs fees, depending on the shipping destination. eLearning study kits are not subject to such fees and access is generally provided within one business day of purchase.

Understanding which medium is most suitable to fulfill your training and accreditation objectives is an important consideration. To learn more about available eLearning study kits and eLearning study kit bundles, visit the individual school eLearning pages shown on the right.

Bonus Online Video Courses

Select fundamental eLearning study kits also include a bonus online video course subscription comprised of a series video chapters and interactive exercises. The online video course organizes topics into a series of video chapters that can be individually played and further provides a rolling transcript of the video, synchronized to highlight text that corresponds to the instructor’s teachings. The interactive exercises are interspersed between the video chapters and can be individually invoked. Upon purchase of the eLearning study kit subscription, access to the online video course is provided immediately.

Contact for more information.


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