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Especialista en Transformación Digital

Profesional de Tecnología
de Transformación Digital

Arquitecto de Tecnología
de Transformación Digital

Profesional de Ciencia de Datos
de Transformación Digital

Científico de Datos
de Transformación Digital

Profesional de Seguridad
de Transformación Digital

Especialista en Seguridad
de Transformación Digital

Profesional de Nube

Profesional de Tecnología de Nube

Arquitecto de Nube

Especialista en Seguridad en la Nube

Especialista en Gobernanza de Nube

Especialista en Almacenamiento
en la Nube

Especialista en Virtualización
en la Nube

Profesional de SOA

Analista de SOA

Arquitecto de SOA

Arquitecto de Microservicios

Consultor de Tecnología de Servicios

Especialista en APIs de Servicios

Especialista en Gobernanza
de Servicios

Especialista en Seguridad de Servicios

Profesional de Big Data

Profesional en Ciencias de Big Data

Científico de Big Data

Consultor de Big Data

Ingeniero en Big Data

Arquitecto de Big Data

Especialista en Gobernanza
de Big Data

Arquitecto de Blockchain

Arquitecto de Contenedorización

Arquitecto de IoT

Especialista en
Aprendizaje Automático

Especialista en Ciberseguridad

Especialista en DevOps

Especialista en Inteligencia Artificial

Profesional Junior
de Ciencias de Big Data

Profesional Junior
de Computación en la Nube

Profesional Junior
de Transformación Digital


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The Arcitura Educational Development Philosophy

Arcitura Education governs the development of multiple educational programs and accreditations. Courseware development teams work closely with professional subject matter experts and academic experts to create superior courses tailored for progressive IT training and for the preparation of corresponding exams required to attain certifications.

After spending over a decade building education programs and accreditation criteria, a formal approach to developing courses, exams and other forms of training resources evolved. This approach is based on a set of specific characteristics that ensure a baseline commitment to excellence with all training and certification deliverables produced by Arcitura.

These fundamental characteristics are:

  • Vendor-Neutral – The integrity of all Arcitura courses, exams and certifications is of paramount importance. This is because it is highly beneficial for IT professionals to understand concepts, practices, processes, techniques and industry technologies from a purely objective perspective. This perspective enables IT professionals to assess a given IT industry and marketplace with absolute clarity. Arcitura Education therefore follows a strict policy of vendor-neutrality. Specifically, Arcitura does not represent or resell any commercial vendor products, nor does it benefit from any sales referrals or recommendations to commercial product vendors. The guaranteed vendor-neutrality of has positioned Arcitura schools in numerous advisory roles with high-level public sector organizations in the government and defense communities.
  • Original Content – Unlike other training companies that obtain courses via acquisition, all Arcitura training and certification materials are original, developed solely by Arcitura courseware development teams and experts, and subjected to the same set of vigorous development, review and verification processes. This guarantees a predictable level of quality and excellence throughout all Arcitura schools and curricula.
  • Consistent Content – Even though multiple independent schools and programs are operated under the Arcitura Education umbrella, individual training and certification programs are subjected to a common set of baseline standards. This ensures that fundamental characteristics of individual curricula (such as terminology, diagram and symbol notation and style and wording conventions) are kept consistent across all courses and schools. As a result, IT professionals and organizations can choose to combine courses from different programs into custom workshops while maintaining a consistent experience. Additionally, Arcitura programs include official text books authored by Arcitura and published by Prentice Hall. These text books are developed using the same notation and conventions used in Arcitura courses and materials.
  • Modular Format – Arcitura programs are modular on several levels. Individual topic areas are grouped into one-day course modules that provide a highly flexible means of customizing workshops and training paths so that they can be tailored to specific training requirements. This approach further enables IT professionals to build upon already completed training without having to re-take fundamental courses that may apply to multiple types of topic areas or certifications. Additionally, the modular nature of Arcitura curricula allows combinations of courses to be grouped and mapped to specific project and organization roles, thereby empowering organizations to develop specialized proficiency among different team members while all benefit from a common understanding and knowledge foundation. Individual sections within courses are further modularized, allowing for more fine-grained customization.
  • Currency – Arcitura training programs undergo regular reviews to ensure the currency of course and exam content, thereby ensuring that certification requirements remain aligned with and relevant to the contemporary IT industry.
  • Validation – For any given curriculum, Arcitura Education works directly with subject matter experts that represent the corresponding segment of the IT community. Their involvement helps validate course and exam content and further assists with defining balanced and appropriate certification criteria.

Coupled with Arcitura’s comprehensive Certified Trainer Development Program, its formal educational philosophy makes Arcitura a de facto educational institute dedicated to the highest standards in IT training and certification.